IWS have designed dosing systems to ensure exact dosing of chemical to ensure accuracy and high performance. Unlike other dosing systems, IWS systems can deliver precise dosing for low water flow facilities and high flow systems.


The DT systems are ideal for low flow of water for exact continues dosing and is simple and ease to use.


The ALS system is ideal for high flow use, this system can deliver accurate dosing against 80 meters cubed per hour. It is the preferred option for customers with high flow challenges.


The TA2000 system can over exact dosing with the required kill rate on pathogens and Bacteria where the water flow is up to 200 meters cubed per hour.


The HE20 allows the systems to have complete monitoring with alarms and allows the user to login from any smart device. It’s perfect for auditability.


The XIMAX systems have been installed at over 200 sites, where it is successfully treating the water to eradicate and prevent bacteria and biofilm within the WATER SOURCE and pipework.



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