New appointment to IWS

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AMNORADI BAIJURI – CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER (MENA) A self-motivated in Project Management and Engineering with over 20 years’ hands-on experience in oil and gas, covering onshore and offshore projects and technical solution, including 7 year experiences working in MENA region. Vast experiences and knowledgeable in executing projects especially in design and engineering up to construction and commissioning [...]


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IWS HAVE DEVELOPED AN DEFRA APPROVED ALTERNATIVE TO FORMALDEHYDE. The problems and issues caused by using Formaldehyde and similar products are well known in the industry. AVPRO has been used successfully by many customers for the disinfection of the poultry houses on turn around. We have made sure that AVPRO has been priced cost effectively [...]

HE20 Auto-Dosing Unit

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IWS Unique auto dosing unit with complete data logging and monitoring of end of line residuals, ph. and temperature. No manual mixing of chemical. Wireless login from anywhere in the world.

New TA200 system

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Designed, developed and tested by IWS engineers, the TA200 system is capable of treating up to 200 cubic metres of water per hour. Our customers needed to be able to have a portable units to treat out on the field - IWS designed these units specifically to be installed directy on to bespoke trailers.

Bio-security a priority

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Bio-security is always a priority for our poultry customers and for that reason we have developed a simple but effective vehicle wheel disinfectant system. This unit is installed at the site entrance ensuring that all vehicles are secured prior to entering.