Southern Water: Bewl reservoir level rises to 75% – but no room for complacency

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Southern Water’s Bewl Water reservoir has staged an astonishing recovery thanks to weeks of winter rain - from a low of just under 33 per cent full at the start of December, the level hit 75 per cent on 12 February. Source: https://www.waterbriefing.org/home?format=feed

Minister says Brexit opens up global opportunities

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Environment Minister Theresa Coffey addresses British Water members by video at annual House of Lords reception. Source: http://www.britishwater.co.uk/RSS/cmscustomrsshandler.rss?contentTypes=1,2&categories=28,30,2153&dateRange=4

Labour Party renews attack on UK water companies

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Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell have launched another attack on the UK water sector this weekend, restating the Labour Party’s pledge to bring energy, rail, water, and mail services back into public ownership. Source: https://www.waterbriefing.org/home?format=feed