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XZIOX® is used as a biocide for the reduction and eradication of bacteria on the surface of produce during the wash process. It will not leave a residue so there is no need to do a final rinse as is done for the removal of chlorine and there are also no taint or taste issues.


The XIMAX System together with its unique solutions will combat bacteria within water sources and attack bio-film within pipe work. Although it has an effective kill rate, XZIOX® is not corrosive to any pipe work or surfaces.  


By applying XZIOX® and due to its effective killing ability it can in some cases increase the shelf life of produce by a further 5 days in some cases. IWS have designed a bespoke system that is user-friendly and has been built with health and safety requirements in mind. Our systems can also be supplied with complete remote online monitoring constantly logging temperature, PH Levels, Xziox Residual and system data to give site complete auditability.


Independent testing concluded that XZIOX® is 50% more effective for washing produce than free Chlorine Solution. Results are maintained against a wide spectrum of pathogens found throughout the food industry.


Safe for use on organic produce

Reduces / eliminates bio-film

Leaves no harmful by-products or residues

No need for final rinse

Prolongs product shelf-life

Treats cross contamination & recycled water

Influent and effluent water

Non-corrosive to all pipe work and filters