Unique auto dosing unit with complete data logging and monitoring of end of line residuals, PH and temperature.


No manual mixing of chemical and features wireless login from anywhere in the world.




The HE20 System is a revolutionary water treatment dosing unit which has features that help reduce footprint on site as well as giving site complete control of their water quality.


It will mix both chemicals automatically using live residual data from the end of the dosing line.


The intelligent probe system allows for the constant monitoring of water temperature, PH and other data points for rolling analysis. This reduces the constant need for measuring the PH of the water as this will give you live, instant recordings.


The GSM Control unit provides a secure remote monitoring of the whole system using an internet connection.


Can treat up to 200m3/hr

Can treat high pressured water as the reactor is only 10 bar rated

Easy to control & reliable

LED Display

Only requires a single-phase power supply

Can be fully calibrated

Auditable – stores usage figures

Can be connected to SMS alarm system.

>99.9% efficient

Can be used in conjunction with pH control

3 stage password protection

Low level alarms

IP65 rated control panel

PTFE diaphragm, PVDF block

Tanks can be banded

Multifunction valve to avoid over pressurising available

All tanks vented to atmos­phere

Installed by trained and quali­fied Engineers