We have provided water treatment solutions for over 20 years  in farms across the UK to keep drinking water bacteria and biofilm free.  We also provide nationwide servicing to keep your water treatment system in top quality condition and have set the standard for water treatment throughout the livestock industry.


Our patented formula XZIOX® and bespoke IWS systems go through rigorous development and testing by our in-house team of specialists  to ensure we provide a safe, effective, and easy to use water treatment system for our clients,  who have experienced a lot of benefits that improve the general health of the animals.

Our IWS systems treat drinking water within the whole livestock sector including poultry and pig farms. Who also benefit from a team of nationwide experienced engineers and account managers which ensures a complete first-class service in bacteria and biofilm control.

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Our patented product XZIOX® is highly concentrated and has no by-products. XZIOX® is highly effective against commonly found bacteria such as E.Coli, Clostridium and Salmonella which can lead to diseases such as Watery Mouth, Back Leg and Salmonellosis.


XZIOX® removes 99.9% of single cell organisms including E-Coli, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter, Algae, Salmonella, Enterococci, Coliforms. It is also a viricide, algicide, fungicide and bactericide. XZIOX® can also effectively eliminate all stages of biofilm as it is able to penetrate deep cell walls where biofilm is present.

We are the manufactures of our own water treatment products enabling us to provide specific solutions for each industry that we work within. The IWS systems are designed to complement XZIOX® to deliver a safe, simple and effective water treatment solution that can deal with all types of water sources and flow rates.

Our systems come with a nationwide experienced team of engineers and account managers with several years of lamb production, which ensures a complete first-class service.



IWS has a commitment to continuous R&D and has spent many years monitoring the performance of the farms we service. Producers have noticed

lower mortality rates

reduction in leg issues

elimination of watery mouth disease after installing an IWS system

In addition to this clean water is involved in every aspect of sheep metabolism and is their most important nutrient. It plays an important role in regulating body temperature, digesting food and eliminating body wastes. It is also crucial to a sheep’s health; dirty water containing harmful contaminants or water with a bad taste will cause the sheep to drink less. This will cause them to eat less due to their need to balance water and food intake, this will leave them open to digestive and metabolic issues which will cause production to drop. Therefore, a clean and nourishing supply of water is essential for lamb production.



IWS systems are designed specifically around the health and safety of the operator and for the welfare of the bird. One of the key benefits of the IWS System is that it can be introduced to all water sources and systems. XZIOX® is also easy and safe to mix with full training provided following the installation.

IWS systems use the very latest technology to ensure chemical delivery is accurate and reliable. Our pumps are software driven and will calculate the exact amount of XZIOX® to dose to reduce bacterial levels based on the water usage and will continually react to water usage changes throughout the crop.  This will remove all bio-film and blockages as well as preventing any reoccurrence, reduce cross contamination and increase the cleanliness of the tanks and pipework system. Read more about IWS Systems here.



XZIOX® is the solution of choice for many of the Water Treatment Applications including:

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