XZIOX® has been used for water treatment in farms across the UK for over 20 years to eliminate bacteria and control odour.


 Our XZIOX® and XIMAX systems go through our in-house team of specialist chemists and engineers, to ensure we provide an uncomplicated and innovative water treatment system to our clients.


Our AVPRO® disinfection solution has been used successfully by many of our existing customers for quick turnaround of poultry and pig houses and is regarded as a safe alternative to formaldehyde.

Water treatment
Precise dosing


XZIOX® is highly concentrated and has little to or no by-products. This makes the active concentration in the product very effective against bacteria, virus and mineral content.


XZIOX® is the only product on the market that can effectively eliminate all stages of biofilm. . At IWS we manufacture our own products and dosing equipment, keeping it simple to use and ensuring dosing is precise. It is well known that when birds are young the flow of water is minimal and therefore accurate dosing is crucial at this time. The XIMAX systems are designed to complement XZIOX® to deliver a safe, simple and effective water treatment solution with full back up and service.

Increasing productivity in pig farming with an experienced and bio-security trained team of engineers across the country, IWS ensure a complete first-class service.

Our expansive background working with various pig producers across the UK spans back over 15 years and because of this we have learned the importance of water quality and its effect on performance on pig-farms. This is why our unique formula of XZIOX® is fast becoming the trusted leading choice in the pig industry.



XZIOX® is the solution of choice for many of the Water Treatment Applications including:



The pressures faced by farmers today are far-reaching and include tight-turnaround times as well as the ever-increasing social responsibilities they owe to health & safety and the environment.  AVPRO® has been proven to be able to kill viruses at and have the following benefits:

​▷ Apply on Wet or Dry Sheds – No Need to Heat Sheds

Re-Entry Time Max 6 Hours – No Need to Hold Production

Non-Carcinogenic – No Harmful Effects on Employees

Non-Resistant – No Need to Rotate Products


AVPRO® is an effective disinfectant perfect to use in :


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