We have provided water treatment solutions for over 20 years across the UK to keep drinking water bacteria and biofilm free.  We deliver nationwide servicing to ensure that all our water treatment systems are performing at the highest level. This has enabled us to set the standard for water treatment throughout the livestock industry.


Our patented formula XZIOX® and bespoke IWS systems go through rigorous development and testing by our in-house team of specialists to ensure we provide a safe, effective, and easy to use water treatment systems. Our clients have experienced huge improvements in the general health of the birds which in turn has had a direct impact financially. 


The IWS systems treat drinking water within the whole poultry sector including chicken, duck, game and turkey farms and covering the entire process from hatcheries, rearers, breeders, broilers and egg producers.


Our AVPRO poultry house disinfection solution was developed not only to eradicate common bacteria and viruses within the sheds, but, to negate the issues associated with current chemicals such as Formalin.

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Clean water is involved in every aspect of poultry metabolism and plays an important role in reducing stress on the bird to allow it to grow to its optimum through regulating body temperature, digesting food and eliminating body wastes. At normal temperatures, poultry consume at least twice as much water as feed. When heat stress occurs, water consumption will double or quadruple. Without clean water the birds are unable to regulate their body functions which can lead to mortality, lower bird weight and a decrease in overall health which will have an adverse effect on the productivity of the farm. A clean, constant and fresh supply of water is therefore essential for the production of poultry.


Our patented product XZIOX® removes 99.9% of single cell organisms, is highly concentrated and has no by-products. This makes XZIOX® highly effective against commonly found bacteria within the industry such as E. coli, Pseudomonas, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Enterococci and Coliforms which often harms poultry health and has an adverse effect on production. XZIOX is also a viricide, algicide, fungicide and bactericide and can effectively eliminate all stages of biofilm as it is able to penetrate the deep cell walls where biofilm is present.


Table 1

showing bacterial results of an incoming water supply from a trial site


IWS Systems

We are the manufactures of our own water treatment products enabling us to provide specific solutions for each industry that we work within. The IWS systems are designed to complement XZIOX® to deliver a safe, simple and effective water treatment solution that can deal with all types of water sources and flow rates. Our expansive background working with various poultry integrators and producers across the UK spans back over 20 years of experience in treating drinking water to increase productivity and profitability within the industry.


Table 2 

showing bacterial results of an incoming water supply from a trial site



IWS has a commitment to continuous R&D and has spent many years monitoring the performance of the farms we service. As well as general maintenance of the system our service package provides a full chemical delivery service, regular water sampling, full periodic system calibration, safety audits & performance indication. Our systems come with a nationwide experienced team of engineers and account managers with decades of combined experience in poultry production, which ensures a complete first-class service.


Producers have experienced a variety of benefits such as:

lower mortality rates

reduction in leg issues

drier litter

improved egg shell quality

and egg production rates

increases in

average bird weight

improvement in general health of crop or flock

elimination in dead legs within the pipework system



Through decades of experience within the poultry industry and as manufactures of our own water treatment products, we are able to provide specific solutions within the industry taking into account the needs and concerns of the each industry.  

We believe that the ideal water treatment system should be safe and simple to use but also highly effective against bacteria and biofilm. The IWS systems are designed to dose XZIOX® as a precise and accurate water treatment solution that can deal with all types of water sources, bacterial demand and flow rates. With the very latest smart technology to ensure reliability. Our pumps are software driven and will calculate the exact amount of XZIOX® to dose to reduce bacterial levels based on the water usage and will continually react to flow demands throughout the crop.  This process enables the system to remove all bio-film and blockages, preventing any reoccurrence, reduce cross contamination, eliminating dead leg issues and bacterial loading within the pipework system.  Read more about IWS Systems here.



XZIOX® is the solution of choice for many of the Water Treatment Applications including:




Our AVPRO® disinfection solution has been used successfully by many of our customers for quick turnaround of sheds and is regarded as a safe alternative to formaldehyde. It can be applied through various methods including pressure washers, orchard sprayers and thermal fogging. It has been repeatedly proven to eliminate salmonella and is DEFRA approved for Avian influenza and General orders.

The pressures faced by farmers today include tight-turnaround times as well as the ever-increasing social responsibilities they owe to health & safety and the environment.  AVPRO has been proven to be able to kill all single cell organisms such as E. coli and TVC’s and has the following benefits:

​▷ Apply on Wet or Dry Sheds – No Need to Heat Sheds

Re-Entry Time Max 6 Hours – No Need to Hold Production

Non-Carcinogenic – No Harmful Effects on Employees or Birds

Non-Resistant – No Need to Rotate Products

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